The biggest problem faced by our people is food insecurity due to lack of water and over-reliance on rainfall despite having large trucks of fertile land, poor methods of farming and inadequacy in farm inputs which are cursed by limited resources and in turn has led to persistent poverty.

This is mainly attributed to lack of training among farmers on modern ways of increasing food production and the channel through which they can be acquired.

However, this situation can be adversely changed or even completely reversed through supply of water, temperature controlled and cheap way of farming, certified inputs, training and use of modern agricultural farming practices through irrigation, smart farming and technology, we will provide models for hunger and poverty alleviation across the region.

The project is on 15 acres of land and will include both fruits/vegetables and animal husbandry which can do well in that locality and altitude. Farming started two years ago but for subsistence only. Early last year we started venturing in poultry farming, pawpaw and tree nursery, we planted 500 pawpaw stems and 3000 tree seedlings but only 5% survived due to drought and we target 5000 and 10 000 respectively by end of 2019.

The   initiative is dedicated to offer entire farming fraternity practical farming solutions towards sustainable farming practices and food sustainability, we are also dedicated to link farmers to experts in poultry/dairy cows and goats/fish/pigs/rabbit farming/feedlots/bee keeping/other horticultural products and off takers of their excess produce and products.

The project is necessary to improve on food production in the region with the aim of improving households’ incomes and increasing output, access to safe drinking water, farmer’s sensitization and reduce crime.

The project is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger and Kenya National government big 4 agenda specifically food security, supply of quality farm inputs, production of raw materials for manufacturing